Meander – Was ist Zeit
Gareth Emery – Metropolis
Darren Tate – Reverse the Silence
Strange Doctors – Space Ghost
Mind Flower – The Sixth Sense
Binary Finary – The Acid One
Opkra – Changes
Mike Koglin – Antidote (Khaomeha Remix)
Diwonova – Duck Yeah
Trium SE – The Life String
Darren Tate – When the Morning Comes
Acute – In Motion (CJ Peeton Smooth Mix)
Erotic Dream – Father and Son
Der – Little World
Karybde and Scylla vs Rhaja – Daylight
Baz Lalor – Nebula
Verachoca – Carte Blanche
Talla 2xlc – Salvation (Anthem Mix)

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